Why My MacBook Is Not Charging?

Why My MacBook Is Not Charging?

Is the MacBook unable to charge due to a motherboard malfunction or battery aging? The impact range, maintenance time, and budget of replacing the motherboard or simply replacing the battery are different. What are the symptoms and reasons for a MacBook not responding when charging? Could the motherboard be the reason why the MacBook cannot charge? Let MOTEX Lab guide you in making the judgment!

Two phenomena of MacBook not charging:

1. Charging light not on

Regardless of whether the MagSafe power adapter connector is L-shaped or T-shaped, if the LED light changes from amber to green after plugging in the MacBook, it means that the MacBook has been fully charged. However, if the LED light does not turn on when the charging connector is plugged in, it means that the MacBook is not charging. The problem may be with the interface of the connecting wire or the port on the MacBook. Here's how to handle it:
  • Check whether there is dust on the interfaces of the MacBook and MagSafe, and wipe them gently with a cotton swab to remove dirt.
  • Check whether there is a paper clip or a staple pin stuck in the interface. Since MagSafe connects to the charger through magnetic attraction, metallic objects in the gap may interfere with charging.
  • The charging metal contacts of MagSafe or MacBook may be deformed by external force, resulting in poor contact. It is recommended to seek help from professional maintenance personnel and replace the parts if necessary.

2. Charging symbol not appearing in the menu bar

After the MacBook is connected to the charger, under normal charging conditions, the lightning symbol will appear on the battery icon on the right side of the menu bar, indicating that the MacBook is charging. But if there is no relevant prompt or symbol in the menu bar, it means that the MacBook cannot detect the power adapter. At this time, it is recommended to check whether the cable is properly connected, whether there are metallic objects in the interface, or try plugging it into another socket.

3 Reasons and Solutions for MacBook not Charging

1. Accessories: Replace with Original Accessories

Some cheap MacBook chargers are circulating in the market, although the difference in appearance is difficult to distinguish, but the internal parts may be shoddy and do not meet safety standards. For example, the input circuit and output circuit do not separate an appropriate distance. Once the parts loosen, they can easily become hidden dangers in use. In addition to safety considerations, using unknown or poor quality chargers may also cause MacBook to not charge due to incompatibility.

2. Battery: Replace with a new and properly functioning battery

The battery can also cause MacBook to not charge. Similar to the iPhone, MacBook has a power management chip configured on the motherboard. Whenever it is charged, the system will detect and check the battery. If an unauthorized battery is used and is incompatible with the MacBook system, MacBook will not charge. Once MacBook battery is replaced by MOTEX Lab, the "health status information" of the battery can be checked by following the steps, ensuring the usage rights of each MacBook user.

3. Motherboard: Replace with a new motherboard to restore normal functionality

In addition to the battery and unapproved charging accessories, the reason why MacBook cannot charge also includes the motherboard. This refers to the chip on the motherboard that controls charging becoming loose or water damage causing circuit shorts and functional failures. When MacBook cannot charge, the device can be sent to a professional repair center. MOTEX Lab's engineers will carefully disassemble the device, carefully diagnose the problem, and provide users with recommendations to replace the motherboard depending on the severity of the problem.
Even if a MacBook is plugged into a power adapter, there may be no response. It may not necessarily be a problem with the battery or the charging module on the MacBook. In fact, when a MacBook cannot be charged, the motherboard may also be a possible cause. If you live in the bay area, you can always trust MOTEX Lab to do the diagnosis and repair for you MacBooks.  Are you feeling inconvenience because your MacBook cannot charge? Don't just watch the battery level drop and feel helpless. Contact MOTEX Lab now to get a free diagnostic and professional repair service for your MacBook!
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