Repairing a scratched iPhone camera lens

Repairing a scratched iPhone camera lens

A few days ago, a customer sent an iPhone 11 for repair. The problem was that her phone was accidentally scratched by keys when she put it in her bag. Since the customer is a person who cherishes her phone very much, she immediately wanted to restore the iPhone camera lens to its original condition. So she took the phone to the official Apple repair center. At this point, the customer was very dissatisfied and said, "I sent it to the official repair center, and they quoted me the cost of replacing the entire phone! But doesn't the iPhone have a one-year warranty?"

The staff at the official store replied, "The warranty only covers non-human damage. The replacement of the iPhone camera lens belongs to human-caused damage, so you need to pay for the repair yourself."

The customer then asked, "I only have a scratched lens, and I have to pay for a new phone? Can't I just replace the lens glass?" The staff at the official store replied, "Sorry, we do not offer replacement of just the lens glass. We only replace the entire phone."

The customer was shocked and felt that the official repair center was charging too much for the iPhone camera lens repair. Therefore, she immediately chose to cancel the repair. After being recommended by her friends and searching for the ratings of the MOTEX Lab online, the customer decided to directly come to the center for the repair of the scratched iPhone camera lens.

What is the principle of replacing the iPhone camera lens?

The iPhone camera lens is actually a lens module. If the lens cannot focus, or there are problems such as black screen or shaking, replacing the lens module can usually repair it.

Suggestions for avoiding scratches on the iPhone camera lens:

There are actually many rear camera glass protective films on the market. If you are worried about scratching the iPhone camera lens, you can stick a glass protector on top of the lens. At least when scratched, it will be on the protector film instead of the original lens. However, when choosing a lens glass protective film, you should also pay attention because some protective films are of poor quality and may affect the picture quality when taking photos. That is the reason why we provide quality lens protectors to our customers.

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